March 5, 1984

Conan Exiles


Dougie Beltane









Eye Color


Hair Color

Black with lots of grey.


Large for a Zingaran, standing 6’7″ when fully upright, long black and grey hair down just past his shoulders, green eyes, scars and burns covering his only slightly tanned muscular skin from years of blacksmithing. His ears adorned with piercings, a dragon tattoo on his chest and a wolf tattoo on his right upper arm.




Born in Jerida, Zingara. He followed in his fathers footsteps and by 10 years old, learning the basics of becoming a blacksmith, he learned the tools and how the forge worked, and different techniques to smelting iron. By the age of 15 he had saved up enough coin to move to Messantia to further his trade, learning all he could from the smiths his iron working there he reached new heights as many around the town wanted armor and weapons crafted by his expertise. After a few years he decided to venture back home with a much larger purse of coin then when he had left, only to find his father had passed without his knowledge. With no family and no others around he would consider friends he traveled north up thunder river reaching Cimmeria at the age of 25 he met a man named Sangrind Steelweaver who taught him how to smelt and craft with steel and how to turn it into a much harder version of steel, his blades becoming much sharper and more durable and his armor able to withstand the pressures put on them by battle. After a while (and a lot of white hairs) he began to see Sangrind as a father almost but in the end he wasn’t meant to stay, after a long goodbye he ventured back to Messantia where at 29 he chartered a permanent spot on a boat called the “Tibuan Sunset”, a merchant vessel with a large fleet of escort ships.

Years later, renowned for his blacksmithing, so much so that kings and knights would beg for his weapons and armor, his home was on the Tibuan Sunset traveling the world as he made his wears to sell to the men royalty would send to the docks to fetch. But this fateful day was nothing like the others, even from the start the weather was gusting hard, the waves bounced the ship as if it were a toy in a bathtub as lightening lit the skies and thunder shook the masts. No this was like no other time he had ever sailed, three of the four escort ships had to pull off formation and head back to the docks as the smallest of the escorts had a captain brave enough at the helm to stay his course with the merchant vessel.

As we sailed into the pitch black night, only lighting to show us the path we saw a larger vessel moving with the wind, the crest on the sails only visible for a moment with the flicker of lightning, there was no mistaking it as he heard a shout from the crows nest and the bells were rung to warn the escort and to signal all hands on deck, it was a pirate ship. Crashing and bucking against the waves as it road them, getting larger with every flash of lightning and crack of thunder as it got closer. The escort ship and the Tibuan Sunset broke off from each other as the smaller escort positioned itself to intercept and take on the pirates, though it was short lived as the flames reached to the sky and the pirates began to give chase to the merchant ship I was on. The captain yelling at the top of his lungs as he took the wheel himself . “women and children below deck! Man the sails! We’re heading straight into the storm!” As I rushed up and grabbed a rope with a fellow crew member, pulling hard to fight the wind pulling the rope with all my might as the pirates got closer before with the sound of loud cracks the storm ripped the boat apart, the sound of tearing sails filling the air and screams of the merchant ships crew, till I lay there in the water, on a small piece of the hull with nothing but a axe on my side and wet clothes as I was pulled and pushed by the storm before finally passing out in the cold waters oblivious to everything around me.

After waking up to the sun in my eyes on the shore i stumbled to my feet slower than I had even after my worst hangovers. Finding trees I used the axe i had to start chopping till my arm went numb, using the lumber I had and large leaves to make a very small hut. Walking out of his hut with his axe (now dull from all the chopping) and his fishing spear he carved he heard a loud yell as he turned to see a tall muscular woman charging at him. Using the butt of the spear he swooped her feet as if he was using a bo staff, then tossed it to the side as he pinned her by her arms. The blade of his dull axe at her throat but instead of ending her life he decided they both would be better off if they worked together as he stood up and extended his hand to her after noticing she was in no shape to fight him even as weak as they both were.

Months would pass as he taught her how to survive on the land and even how to fish. Though lucky to have landed on this island it was time for them to try and leave it, as they both tried to make a raft that was seaworthy together. Finally making one that would work they set sail, the waters calm as she showed him things about the stars and sailing in general he never knew before they saw land… Little did they know that the land they had found was cursed, as they found themselves stuck in the exiled lands…


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